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Meet Our Team

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Jonathon Birschbach (Owner)  

Jon Birschbach is the owner of Birschbach MFG LLC. When Jon is not working he enjoys spending time with friends and family. He is dedicated to his customers and their satisfaction of the quality in work we provide.    

Colleen Groeschel(Office Assistant)

Colleen helps out in the office part time on her days off from her other job.

Katie Pitzrick (CAD Drafter/Programmer)

Katie is our CAD programmer and the one who designs and cuts out our metal art that you see on our website and Facebook page.

Cory Nutter (Welder/Fabricator)

Cory helps out in both the office and the shop with various things. He helps us keep track of what materials are needed for current jobs and is there to support and answer any questions we have about what we're working on.

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Dillon Meyer (Welder/Fabricator)

Dillon is one of our welder / fabricators who has graduated from MPTC for the welding program while coming on board to work with us. Outside of work he enjoys four wheeling, snowmobiling, hunting, and fishing. We love having Dillon apart of our team. 

Ken Nett (Welder/Fabricator)

Ken is one of our welder/fabricators. 

Mark Leicht (Welder/Fabricator)

Mark is one of our welder/fabricators. 

Trevor Engel (Welder/Fabricator)

Trevor is one of our welder/fabricators. He just recently graduated from high school and is now working with us full time.

Davis Steiner (Welder/Fabricator)

Davis is one of our welder/fabricators. 

Corey Krohn (Painter)

Corey is our painter. When our projects are done being fabricated, we send them to him to get them painted.

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